SHAH ALAM– The country’s Dota 2 women’s team defeats England team and bags a gold medal at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) 2022 on Saturday.

The team line-up comprised of players Stephanie Lim Yuen Lii (Auroraa), Nadrah Saufi (Nada), Wong Wei Sian (HG), Bette Chia Hooi Ping (iStarx), and Tan Lyn Xhin (Shizuma) of the Grills Gaming eSports team who represented Malaysia.

The team has won multiple championships and made this achievement a history for being the first CEC Dota 2 Women’s Division gold medallists.

The team’s manager Tiffani “Babyoling” Lim expressed her satisfaction on a Facebook post that when Negaraku was played on stage, she started reminiscing back on the journey they had gone through.

“Most of the team members have been competing for a long time now, some longer than a decade.

“Often I feel sad at how little attention and opportunities that the female players have gotten,” she said, and also expressed how she was proud of the team.

She said that she was grateful for a platform like CEC as they could get the recognition and support deserved.

source : SINAR DAILY