Bonded Warehouse

Our bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse facility where export companies uses it to store products that are dutiable. The warehouse is strictly supervised by the respective country’s customs and companies do not need to pay import duty and/or Sales and Service Tax (SST) until the products until the goods are purchased from the facility.

  • Improved Cash flow
  • Versatility
  • Security of Goods
  • Long-Term Storage

Fulfilment Logistics

AIRMARINE has got you covered when it comes to order fulfilment – whether you require pick and pack services, full case distribution or full truck load distribution to a big box retailer. All you need to do is send us the order and we will do the rest.

Are you the well-established importer? Or a start-up company who has the next great idea? Do you import 1 SKU – or 10,000 SKUs? Do you generate 1 order per week or 1,000 per day?

Regardless of your situation, your end result will be the same; accurate, on-time and reliable. Our dedication to meeting your needs and procedures followed will be exactly the same, thereby providing you with the same headache free service that so many our customers have come to expect.

E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

The growth is driven by rapid technology adoption, favoured demographics, growing internet user base & the various convenience options provided to the end user by the companies. The important KPI’s of the industry include customer experience by ensuring timely delivery of the product with the option of Cash on Delivery and reverse logistics.

  • End-to-end transportation warehousing solutions
  • Dedicated Control Tower
  • Transportation Management
  • Customization of products and flexibility
  • Reverse logistics
  • Innovation and Customization

Value Added Services

When handling a supply chain you would prefer there to be as little touch points as possible.  As an importing and exporting company, there would be many aspects of the supply chain you need to handle from shipping to delivery, AIRMARINE’s value added service would reduce the number of touch points needed.  The goal of increasing efficiency has propelled us into new areas of innovation that contributed to our value added service.  Partner with AIRMARINE to experience the full extent of our value added service.

  • Storage Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Reverse Logistics