Dato’ Ananth S. Nathan

An eminent industrialist by nature, Dato’ Ananth S. Nathan hails from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In 1998, he founded AIRMARINE, a home-grown international integrated logistics & supply chain company that is headquartered in Malaysia with over 390 international network offices spread across the globe.

An ardent sports fan, Ananth has combined his entrepreneurial abilities and love for sports to helm the role of International President for AFC Wimbledon. He also leads the charge for the development of Malaysia’s e-sports industry where he serves as the President of the Malaysia ESports Federation (MESF). A nationalist by spirit, Ananth
founded the AIRMARINE Cup in 2019, a FIFA sanctioned tournament to help the Malaysian football team gain more exposure and assist them in advancing their global rankings.

A spiritual man by nature, Ananth believes in equal opportunities to enforce a better life for those around him and regards both his family and community as key pillars in his life. He is passionate about music and enjoys travelling, frequenting the Himalayas as often as he can.