Here’s another one for the Malaysia esports history books. Malaysia’s Women Dota 2 team won a gold medal in the 2022 Commonwealth Esports Championships.

Malaysia’s team defeated England in the grand finals of the tournament 2–0 in a Best-of-3 matchup. The Malaysian team consisted of Stephanie “Auroraa” Lim, Nadrah “Nada” Saufi, Wong “HG” Wei Sian, Bette “iStarx” Chia and Tan “Shizuma” Lyn Xhin, coach Joe and manager and substitute Tiffani “Babyoling” Lim.

Malaysia used Medusa, Alchemist, and Timbersaw as their point Dota 2 characters for damage, though England did try their best to slow them down with persistent attacks from Zeus, Tiny, and Shadow Shaman.

In the same tournament, England won the Silver medal while Singapore won the Bronze medal.

It’s safe to say it’s a historic day for Malaysia and female Dota 2 players; the Commonwealth Esports Championships stage even had Malaysia’s anthem Negaraku playing as they were up.

“Most of the team members have been competing for a long time now, some longer than a decade. Often I feel sad at how little attention and opportunities that the female players have gotten, for how much they’ve achieved in terms of rank or gameplay. I’m incredibly grateful for this platform to showcase their skills and I hope there will be more tournaments like this.

The girls are undefeated yet in this tournament and I’m fiercely proud of that. I love these girls to death and truly hope that with this achievement, they can finally get the recognition and support they deserve.”

– Tiffani “Babyoling” Lim, Manager and Substitute for Team Malaysia

In light of Team Malaysia winning a gold medal in the Dota 2 Women’s category, we also celebrate another gold medal for Malaysia in eFootball.

We saw Team Malaysia’s representative, professional eFootball player for Johor Darul Ta’zim, Mohamad Nor Haikal “Haikal” bin Mohamad Nor and coach Shaharil Ochibi Kun take down Scotland in the grand finals with a clean 2–0 sweep.

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