AIRMARINE is a global company that help businesses address ever-demanding solutions in supply chain services. Whether transportation by air, sea, land, storage facilities, built-to-suit warehouses or distribution centres in any region and in any industry. The organization’s approach to customised supply chain solutions, combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies through close collaboration with people at levels including government agencies to expedite movement of goods around the world safely and reliably.

We are looing for a Senior Manager to join our dynamics Malaysian team. Reporting directly to the Vice President of Human Resource & Business Transformation Division, this position is responsible to oversee all departments listed below:

  1. Human Resource (HR)
    Responsible of an end to end HR Management components for the Company that includes but not limited to Human Resource Management Information System (HRMS), Training and Development, Recruitment, Talent Management, Payroll, Streamlining of Organisation Internal processes, Employee Relation, Compensation & Benegits, Reward Management, Statutory Laws, Industrial Relations, Organization Development, OSHA, and any other HR related functions.
  2. Administration
    Responsible of an end to end Administration Management for the company that includes but not limited t Office Communication, Working Environment, Filling Record Keeping, ISO 9001 Certification Management and Audits, Company Secretary, Goverment Bodies & City Council, Insurance, Travel Facilitation, Employee Claims, Company Vehicles, Drivers and any other Office Administration related functions.
  3. Facilities
    Responsible of and end to end Facilities Management for the company that includes but not limited to local and International Company branch expansions, Building Management, Security Management, Cleaning, Parking, Building Maintenance and any other Facilities related functions.
  4. Management Information System (MIS)
    Responsible of an end to end delivery of the MIS functions that includes but not limited to management of Company website, Emails, Shared Databases, Intranet, VPN establisment, Dropbox, Servers Management, Card Access, CCTVs, Software, Hardware, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Plans and any other MIS related functions.
  5. Purchasing
    Responsible of an end to end Purchasing Management for the company that includes but not limited Sourcing for products and services, General Purchasing Policies, Vendor Dispute, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Order, Vendor Contract and any other Purchasing related functions.
  6. CEO Office
    Responsible of an end to end CEO Office for the company that includes but not limited Strategic Advisory, Data Filing Management, Maintaining File, Travel Arrangements, Living Arrangements, Daily Schedule, Appoinment Schedule, Correspondences, Contact Management, Confidentiality, Personal Assistance, Driver Management, Written Correspondences, Notice of Meeting, Research, Decision Making, Hospitality, Personal Outlook, Press Release, Public Relations and any other functions in relation of the management of the CEO’s office.
  7. Marketing and Public Relations
    Responsible of an end to end Marketing and Public Relations Management for the company that includes but not limited Identifying Market Problems, Solutions, & Opportunities, Competitive Landscape, Service Performance, Business Plan, Service Positioning, Customer Lifecycle Analysis, Client Engagement, Sales Training & Support Tools, Publicity, Influencer Engagement, Partnership, Social Media, Content Management, and any other functions in relation to the Marketing and Public Relations.
  8. Corporate Governance
    Responsible of an end to end Corporate Governance Management for the company that includes but not limited to Governing Strategic Change, Governing Organization’s People, Financial Governance, Governing Viability and Sustainability, Governing Relationships and any other functions in relation to the Corporate Governance.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • All assistant managers, executives and interns in the Human Resources & Business Transformation Division report and under directives of the Senior Manager.
  • Act as a functional and people manager to all under HR Division that is an assistant manager, executives or interns.

Required Competencies

  • Superb communication skills honed in business partnering/advisory roles.
  • Examples of adding value as both an individual contributor and active team member
  • Experience of dealing with senior and sometimes challenging individuals
  • Ability to build rapport quickly with key members of the executive team.
  • Energetic and outgoing person.
  • Analytic and able to judge and make independent decisions.
  • Excellent computer proficiency in MS Office & Internet Navigation.
  • Ability to represent the Human Resource function as part of the bigger business picture
  • Confident directing HR and advising managers on all aspects of people management and development.
  • Demonstrable experience in managing redundancy or other relevant HR projects.
  • Strong understanding of employment law
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A professional and commercial approach to HR, with the ability to deliver high employee satisfaction, appropriate development and reward for individuals.