General Air Freight Products

Airmarine Air Priority: Urgent shipments by air with fast transit-times for delivery next day or second day for most key routes up to airport or door-to-door.

Airmarine Air Cargo: Less urgent shipments by air for deliveries within 4 to 5 days at lower cost whether it is up to airport or door-to-door.

Intermodal Solutions

A logistic product that delivers first class benefits of air freight: superb timeliness and cost efficient.
Get your freight forwarding route optimized, we can help your business to:

  • Competitive freight costs
  • Enhanced freight timeliness
  • Alternative option to delayed ocean shipments & limited airline capacity


Flexibility not only adds balance to your budget but also value to meet your business needs.

Charter Services

Airmarine Air Charter: Special lift requirements or oversized shipments or project cargo, we analyse routes, payloads and time to propose the most suitable aircraft to deliver safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Flight Operations

Our extensive global network and close collaboration with airlines through Airmarine Synchronised Gateway guarantees whatever capacity you need at competitive rates and transit times that meet your shipment requirements.

Our team is dedicated to Security, Safety, and Compliance to international air cargo regulations and customs procedures to ensure Reliability at all times.

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