AIRMARINE (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. commenced business in freight management and established itself in 1996 following a rapid global extension to offer services that vary from air and ocean freight to haulage and land transportation.

In assisting clients with customised solutions in supply chain services around the globe, AIRMARINE expanded its operations to include storage facilities and built-to-suit warehouses and distribution centres.

AIRMARINE combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies through close coordinated effort with individuals at all levels from government organisations to multinational companies to securely and dependably expedite the distribution of goods.

Through its established networks in most entry and exit ports in the world and its “no-one-size-fits-all” alignment with our customers’ business strategies, AIRMARINE aims to achieve sustainable growth and deliver value to all our stakeholders.

At present, AIRMARINE provides the entire spectrum of the services that encompass freight management, land transportation, customs services, contract logistics, third party logistics, project cargo, procurement logistics and special projects. All these operate from 310,000 square feet in-house footprints with an expansion plan to 500,000 square feet by the end of 2020.

AIRMARINE covers 390 network offices ranged across the globe that assist the company in reinforcing its position as a leading integrated logistics services and supply chain solutions provider.

Our Purpose

We believe in delivering supply chain solutions that are adaptable and flexible for the present and future. We are passionate and courageous in both decisions and actions, about transforming organisations supply chain services.

We challenge established thinking and build capabilities that make lasting improvement that shape the future together.

Our Mission & Strategy

Bringing inspirational standards to help organisations transform their business.

Through our “no-one-size-fits-all” approach and alignment with our customers’ business strategies, our aim is to achieve long term sustainable growth and deliver value to all our stakeholders.

We are many, working as one across functions, across organisations and across the world

Our People

Airmarine Logo

Choosing a global logistics partner is a huge decision, far more important than most business concerns realize. What may seem to be a logical decision based on a comparison of quoted charges and other rational factors, is usually a case of emotions controlling rational thinking.
Research in decision neuroscience consistently confirms that business decisions, like all decisions, are driven mainly by emotions. Though counter-intuitive, people think visually using images, not words and figures. The logo design for logistics companies is extremely important as the first expression of the brand precisely because people think visually using images.
The logo must capture and visually communicate the core of brand’s value proposition to users of its services, so it’s easily remembered and readily associated with the brand. Using AIRMARINE’s logo goals as our guide, we selected gradients of the colour blue from turquoise to deep blue to reflect the sky to the depths of the sea. Some colours are hard-wired to trigger specific emotions in most people. Blue is hard-wired to trigger feelings of tranquil serenity. This includes the subsets of honesty, experienced wisdom, and dedicated loyalty. In addition, blue represents the depth of AIRMARINE’s commitment to satisfied logistics partners.