• Professionalism: An individual driver should independent in his/her work. He/she should also appear smart at all times, wearing smart clothes or as required by the employer. He/she must discharge his/her obligations in a professional manner.
  • Watchful and Safety conscious: He/she should drive with consideration at all times, realizing that the lives of his/her passengers are in his/her hand, so to say. He/she ought to likewise consider the wellbeing of other road users. Abide to safety requirements and regulations. Drivers are not permitted to be under the effect of intoxicants or drugs while working.
  • Communication: He/she must have excellent listening and communication skills. Being able to listen attentively to orders and pass same information across to team is imperative to the success of deliveries. The dispatcher must also be able to sustain an open line of communication with the parties involved in the run – customer, manager, and driver.
  • Multitasking: Dispatching involves a lot of work at the same time – receiving calls from different parties. Therefore, the dispatcher must be able to multitask and prioritize effectively without making mistakes.
  • Flexibility: He/she must be willing to work flexible schedules including working on weekends, holidays, and over time to meet the demands of the appointed company personnel.


  1. Minimum educational qualification SPM.
  2. More than 2 years of working as personal driver and dispatch.
  3. Must have valid driving license.